June 21, 2024

The long-time problem of commuters and residents over the unpaved and uneven portions of a public road on both end of a bridge in Balili, La Trinidad, Benguet has been addressed through a partnership between private construction companies and a former public works official.

It also paved the way for a road opening spanning 200 meters at Barangay Lubas, also in La Trinidad, and electric connection for the BSU Sariling Sikap Farmer Partners.

Last month, concerned residents of Balili mentioned to Engr. Alexander C. Castañeda their concern on the unpaved and uneven sections of the road, which they claim would take time before it will be cemented through government funds. 

Drivers of lowered cars and even taxi units complained the bumper is damaged due to the uneven section of the road.

Castañeda, who had supervised countless infrastructure projects during his 42 years in government service in the Department of Public Works and Highways, has shared the concern of Balili residents to his networks in the private sector, prompting private construction companies to fund the pavement of the unpaved sections of the road.

Amid his hectic campaign schedule, Castañeda, an aspirant for Benguet board member in District 2, personally supervised the initial paving of the road section while the same private company also installed solar-powered streetlights within the area. 

Castañeda also learned about the long-time request of residents of Barangay Lubas for a road opening that’s why the private companies also volunteered to carry out the project free of charge. The road will allow vehicular and pedestrian access to Sitio Inselbeg.

The partnership between Castañeda and private companies led by Balintugan Construction also led to electric power connection for the water filtration of farmers belonging to the BSU Sariling Sikap in Betag. 

Several dim areas in La Trinidad such as in Balili, Tabangaoen area, and at Pines Park in Lubas were also installed with solar-powered streetlight fixtures by these private companies after Castañeda shared the request of concerned residents.

Building linkages and networks with the private sector is one of the advocacies of Castañeda to ensure that communities are assisted in ensuring quality infrastructure projects either funded by the government or private entities.

During his stint with DPWH, Castañeda earned his monikers as the “Action Man on the Road” and “Servant Leader” owing to his unparalleled accomplishments in public service. 

His platforms and advocacies will center on HEALING, which stands for health, education, agriculture, livelihood, infrastructure, nature, and good governance. – Press release