April 17, 2024

The THAMES International, in coordination with the Creative Baguio City Council (CBCC) is inviting interested artists and artisans who have been in the creative industries to a series of pilot programs on Applied Imagineering and Creative Disruption for Product Development. 

Applicants must be engaged in professional or semi-professional practice in the Philippines or abroad for at least five to 10 years. 

The curriculum will include topics on: Introduction to Product Development, Product Development Conceptual Models, Introduction to the Art of Imagineering and Creative Disruption, Innovative and Disruptive Thinking Techniques, Emerging Technologies and Their Impact, Applying Imagineering: Group Project, and Pitching Re-Imagineered and Disruptive Product Concepts and Prototypes. 

The course that covers about 72 hours of both live and virtual workshops can be completed in nine weeks. This includes group discussions, exercises on different models, video lectures, prototyping, documentation, and work assignments. 

A pre-selection of participants will be conducted by the CBCC and those interested to avail the training may apply at the Baguio City Tourism Office c/o Grail Aligo or to CBCC office at the Burnham Tourist Information Center c/o Kyle Tuldog / [email protected] on or before April 4. 

Once selected, applicants must submit a two to five minutes video (mp4) uploaded on Google Drive summarizing their work and practices. 

The training will be conducted by Gian Carlo U. de Jesus, Chief Playmaker of Balaiwari Immersive and Gamified Experiences, a creative studio that designs playable experiences for education, training, theater, tourism, and historical events, among others. 

An MA degree holder of Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries from the University of Arts London, De Jesus is the first Filipino to be nominated for Indiecade, an annual international competition for game design in 2021. – Art Tibaldo