June 24, 2024

Our lawmakers received a clear direct message this week with the Gospel Reading on May 24 of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time II, that said:
“What God has joined together, no human being must separate.” (Saint Mark 10:1-12).
The Ordo readings of the Holy Mass of the Catholic Church, prepared a long time ago have the above Gospel Mass Reading on that day when legislators have “revised” the divine law on marriage.
God instituted marriage as a sacrament and no human being can tamper with divine law that is authored by God, for his own good. Man, a mere creation of God, ought to obey and respect His laws that are designed for his happiness and well-being.
The Divorce Bill is an affront to God’s 6th and 9th commandments. Please do not approve it and do not make it into a human law, contrary to God’s laws.
News of Congress’ approval of the divorce bill is a heavy blow to ordinary husbands and wives who work hard daily for the family’s material, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
Meaningful legislation is what we need, not a callous disservice to the family. Divorce is a convenient exit for couples who encounter difficulties. Different personal temperaments may trigger quarrels, but couples do certainly have lovable qualities too. After all, they fell in love, got married and had children. Thus, husband and wife, despite weaknesses and with sincere struggles and efforts can strive to be lovable once again, after a fight. Virtues are formed and fostered with grace, in daily family struggles.
Divorce opens the way to re-marriage, that may end up in yet, another divorce. Children suffer the most as a result. Parents, think of your children who want to be happy too like you, not only with material things, but with both parents around, who they see as generously working hard for the family. Patience, temperance, fidelity, cheerfulness, spirit of service, and responsibility, among others, are virtues that are “caught” from the living examples of the parents. Thus, we have a virtuous cycle of responsible citizens for generations to come. Indeed, a happy family is the foundation for a good society.
To help keep the family intact, Saint Josemaría Escriva, the saint of ordinary life, has advised that “the secret of married happiness lies in everyday things, not in daydreams. It lies in finding the hidden joy of coming home in the evening, in affectionate relations with their children, in the everyday work in which the whole family cooperates; in good humor in the face of difficulties that should be met with a sporting spirit; in making the best use of all the advantages that civilization offers to help us rear children, to make the house pleasant and life more simple.”