June 17, 2024

Mayor Benjamin Magalong reminded the public of Executive Order 38, s. 2019 setting forth Saturday of every month as citywide clean-up day.

The mayor was dismayed that littering and improper waste disposal continues in Baguio despite efforts of the city government to sustain the campaign on clean-up activities not only in the central business district but also in the barangays and homes.

While clean-up activities are conducted by deputized environmental police personnel of the Baguio City Police Office and the Public Order and Safety Division including barangays and volunteers, litterbugs seemed to proliferate at the same time.

“We have been aiming for change – in mindset, in character and deed, particularly in the aspect of keeping our city clean,” the mayor said.

BCPO and POSD personnel clean up trash along roads, waterways, parks, and graffiti on a daily basis to encourage community involvement.

The city’s Anti-Littering Ordinance imposes fines ranging from P1,000 to P5,000. 

The same ordinance provides establishments should provide garbage containers for their customers and ensure trash bins are well maintained and not overflowing.

“We say thank you to the various companies, schools, organizations and other groups for volunteering to conduct clean-up drives; as well as the residents and visitors for taking into heart our call to keep our city clean by not littering and by observing proper waste disposal during city activities.  We hope we all can continue to imbibe discipline and good values in all our undertakings,” the mayor added. – Jessa Mardy Samidan