July 17, 2024

The Department of Agriculture-Cordillera warned the public to be wary amidst reports of adulterated drugs and vaccines for animals sold online.
“DA-Cordillera recently received reports of adulterated or misbranded veterinary drugs and vaccines being sold via Facebook which affects food safety and poses danger to public health.
The DA-CAR hereby notifies the public to exercise due diligence and caution in patronizing online sellers of veterinary drugs and vaccines that are may be adulterated or misbranded without the DA-Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) Certificate of Registration,” the DA said in an advisory.
BAI registration is required under Republic Act 3720 or the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, which ensures the safety and purity of foods, drugs, and cosmetics being made available to the public.
The DA-Cordillera asked the public to buy veterinary drugs and products from BAI-registered veterinary drug and product establishments or outlets.
“Selling without a proper permit is illegal, therefore be subject to prosecution,” the DA warned. The public was also asked to ensure that the License to Operate of veterinary drug and product outlets are up to date.
For more information, the public may contact the Regulatory Division at 444-9872, 0998-376-7419, or 0915-220-9987. – Press release