May 21, 2024

Councilor Arthur Allad-iw wants students in public and private learning institutions to study the cultural practices of the indigenous peoples of the Cordillera.

Allad-iw has proposed an ordinance that sought to introduce the School of Living Tradition (SLT) with the aim to re-inculcate the indigenous cultural heritage to students in the different schools in the city.

The establishment of the SLT shall provide an opportunity for students in public and private educational institutions to experience first-hand the heritage of indigenous peoples of the Cordillera by bringing them closer to the community.

Under the SLT, the students shall study cultural practices except ritual-related activities, materials, and instruments used during death rituals and sickness and pandemic, which are exclusively for the exercise of elders, bearers, and practitioners.

The proposed ordinance emphasizes that the conduct of any activity under the SLT shall be consulted first to the elders, practitioners, or villagers to avoid misrepresentation or any other forms of negligence.

Approval from the IP community shall be sought first by the students or their advisers in cases of sensitive cultural practices or those enumerated by law needing the consent of the concerned indigenous groups.

In furtherance of the SLT, the students, parents, teachers, and school staff in the basic education shall be encouraged to engage in researches, documentation, and compiling of appropriate and available learning materials.

A committee shall be formed in schools to come up, implement, and evaluate plans and programs under the SLT.

Inter-school meetings or seminars may take place where learning institutions may share studies, researches, and practices that would further improve the activities and programs of the SLT in their respective schools.

Elders of indigenous groups may be tapped as resource speakers.

The proposed ordinance has been referred to the committee on education, culture, and historical research for review and recommendations. – Jordan G. Habbiling