May 28, 2024

Councilor Leandro Yangot, Jr. has proposed an ordinance seeking to establish a city plant nursery in hopes of producing and propagating fruit-bearing trees and medicinal plants in the city. 

This initiative supports agricultural diversity, enhances green spaces within the city, and promotes the cultivation of valuable plant species for various purposes. 

It also aims to provide seedlings to urban farmers at a minimal cost.

Yangot said this support is essential for urban agriculture initiatives to enable farmers to access essential resources for planting and growing crops, thereby contributing to food security and sustainable farming practices within urban areas.

The proposed ordinance also aims to help sustain ecological balance within the city.

By focusing on the production and propagation of desired species, especially those that contribute to ecological stability and biodiversity, the plant nursery is seen to play a role in maintaining a healthy and vibrant ecological environment within city limits.

Under the ordinance, the city plant nursery will be managed and supervised by a qualified agriculturist who meets specific eligibility criteria including having a first grade civil service eligibility or equivalent, being a resident of Baguio City, and holding a college degree in agriculture or related fields.

The agriculturist will be assisted by two nursery aides in various activities related to nursery operations.

The city government will appropriate the necessary funds from the annual budget for various aspects of the plant nursery including maintenance, administration, purchase of materials and equipment, salaries and wages, power costs, and contingency expenses.

The city mayor will have the authority to choose the location for the city plant nursery from any available site within the city. This will allow flexibility in selecting a suitable location based on operational needs and considerations.

The proposed ordinance has been approved on first reading by the city council and referred to the committee on health and sanitation, ecology, and environmental protection for review. – Jordan G. Habbiling