April 13, 2024

There are two reasons why Pastor Apollo Quiboloy is such a mercurial figure in the Philippines. He is popular yet controversial as any colorful figure can be.
He is the founder of the religious order Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, Inc. (KOGC).
He is not only the highest-ranking minister of the same organization but claims to be the anointed son of God. As such, he puts himself at par and on the same level as Jesus Christ.
This may sound ridiculous and shocking to most, but he has more than enough followers who believe in him, look up to him, and are willing to give their body and soul to him. To them, he is more than human. He is their savior.
Aside from being a religious leader, Quiboloy is also an astute politician. His association and friendship with former President Rodrigo Duterte is well documented. He, in fact, remains to be the spiritual adviser of Duterte and is known to be his biggest supporter, financially and in all other aspects.
They are alike in so many ways except that the former hides under the cloak of religious zeal while the latter has a vulgar and sassy personality. Still, their alliance is forged in stone that both have the same convictions on issues that affect the country.
Despite the far-reaching political and spiritual influence of Quiboloy, he is currently the subject matter of a Senate investigation being spearheaded by the equally feisty and fearless Senator Risa Hontiveros.
The pastor is being investigated for offenses ranging from rape to human trafficking to who knows what else. Several witnesses have already taken the stand to relate their ordeal while they were still members of the KOJC. Several women testified that they were called upon to render “night duty” and in the process were sexually molested. Another witness claims to have been mistreated and harmed when he displeased the pastor.
Of course, Quiboloy and his die-hard followers went to social media to deny the accusations against him. They did everything in their capacity to demonize the witnesses who testified against their beloved leader. They asserted that the anointed son of God is a good man and will not do what he is being accused of.
Those who find fault in him are outcasts and are possessed by the devil even though it could be the other way around.
Mere words on social media will not reverse the course being taken by the Senate. Casting doubt on the credibility of the witnesses is not enough to overcome the perception being formulated by the public that Quiboloy did what he did. Probably, the only way to reverse the damage done is for Quiboloy to personally appear in the Senate investigation and give his side of the controversy.
However, this option does not appear so inviting to Quiboloy. He made known his intention not to appear because accordingly, the Senate investigation is a bogus investigation. Instead, he challenged those accusing him to file a case in court. It is there, he promises, that he will appear to clear his name. Oh yeah? What court is he referring to?
The promise of Quiboloy to appear before the courts of law might be an empty promise. Remember, he is already on the most wanted list of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If he wants to clear his name, he should have submitted himself to the jurisdiction of the United States court where he is indicted. He has to clear his name first before the courts of law where he already stands charged before he can morally convince everybody that he will submit himself to the jurisdiction of the Philippine Courts.
Besides, if he is truly innocent, why not appear before the Senate where he can give his version? Why wait for a criminal case? He says that the Senate investigation is a mere spectacle. As the anointed son of God, is that not his destiny? Was not Jesus Christ, to whom he compares himself, likewise subjected to a spectacle by Pontius Pilate and when found guilty, was crucified to a cross?
If Quiboloy does not want to face the Senate and his Pontius Pilate, what kind of an anointed son is he? He is skirting his mission. Even the Bible says to the Son of God, “not my will but your will be done.”