April 14, 2024

The development of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the Cordillera is a priority of the Regional Development Council Sectoral Committee on Economic Development this year.
In the first quarter meeting of the committee chaired by Department of Trade and Industry-Cordillera, Director Myrna Pablo said MSMEs, which comprise 95 percent of the total business/enterprises in the country, play a vital role in bringing in inclusive growth and progressive communities.
 Aside from boosting local enterprises/industries through strategic development plans, projects, and programs, the sectoral committee also aims to highlight the importance of innovation in MSME development.
 As the lead of the Cordillera Month celebration in July, the RDC through the Economic Development committee plans to hold investment opportunity forums in every province as a highlight activity.
The one-day activity aims to gather in each province at least 200 representatives from cooperatives/farmers organizations and MSMEs as participants. It will include plenary sessions, one-on-one consultation on production, technology and processing/marketing; setup of a kapetirya that will showcase provincial coffee and delicacies; and a mini trade fair.
The committee is also continuing the review and monitoring of plans for the development of the region’s coffee and weaving industries and boosting farm tourism, among others.
To entice the younger generation into business undertakings, the Youth Agripreneurship Program of the Department of Agriculture and the Youth Entrepreneurship Program of the DTI have also been tackled.
The sectoral committee passed a resolution that enjoins the active participation of the members of MSME development councils in regional development matters.
The resolution, which is set to be submitted to the RDC council meeting in March, highlights the important role of the councils in the promotion, growth, and development of MSMEs, which are vital in job generation and bringing inclusive growth and community development. – Carlito C. Dar