March 2, 2024

Recently, this near-sighted Ibaloy writer conducted an informal and definitely unofficial survey of several elementary and secondary students enrolled in schools in Baguio City and La Trinidad, Benguet and found out that very few of those I talked to admitted to be regular readers of newspapers, comics, novels, and the like. Would I have gotten the same result if I asked college and even graduate students? I wonder.
I admit to have been slightly shocked at the result of my curious inquiries but not really surprised since we now live in an age where everything seems to be “visual” where news and entertainment can be obtained by just turning on the television, radio, or smart phone. There seems to be no need to read anymore but just watch and listen. Remember, the famous advertising teaser says, “Relax, watch a movie,” and not read a book.
Surfing the net, I read an article that a person’s attention span is now less than that of a gold fish with the latter having an attention span of about seven seconds and humans only six seconds.
If this is true, then no wonder that reading is an activity that rates in the bottom of an average person’s to-do list especially recreationally or for just the “fun of it”. Let’s face it, reading can be quite a chore at times especially when the material is uninteresting and downright boring.
As a self-confessed book lover (that makes me a “nerd”, I guess) who even takes reading materials to the bathroom throne (not for wiping, mind you), I do hope parents would encourage their children to read.
Of course, parents can achieve this by being readers themselves since children may listen to what a parent says but follows what a parent does. Let’s all give reading a chance and discover the various wonders it offers. Visit your school or public library now.

Meanwhile, the Barangay Human Rights Action Officers (Bhrao) in barangay in the city attended the follow-up orientation on human rights-related laws conducted by the city government on April 20 at Ecolodge, Resurrection Compound, Magsaysay Avenue.
City Mayor’s Office Executive Assistant IV Benjamin Macadangdang, Baguio City HR Task Force member; and lawyer Hannah Calitong, task force chair, said the activity was a continuation of the successful summit held last March.
A team of speakers provided insights on the duties and responsibilities of the HR Action Team; functions of the federation of Bhrao; child rights and the Safe Spaces Act during the orientation.
May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and keep us all safe.