April 18, 2024

A total of 55 drug surrenderees in La Trinidad, Benguet underwent orientation in order to get their names delisted from the drug list on the government’s war on drugs.
La Trinidad Municipal Police Station Chief, Maj. Roldan Cabatan, said the drug surrenderees must undergo various recovery and wellness programs implemented by the Department of Health, local government units and other stakeholders.
Cabatan said those who want their names delisted must have to pass the assessment and drug dependency examination by the DOH.
Those found out to have scored low in the assessment would undergo community-based drug rehabilitation while those with mild and severe cases would undergo primary care.
Under primary care, surrenderees would be admitted in various drug rehabilitation facilities as either in-patient or outpatients depending on their situations for a minimum of six months.   
He said the last process would be the after-care program wherein the surrenderees will be monitored for another six months and will be required to report in their respective barangays.
“It will be a continuous monitoring up to a year, if they will be found without drug-related activities then they will be delisted through a resolution of the Municipal Anti Drug Abuse Council or the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council,” Cabatan said.
Out of the 55 drug surrenderees, 10 have been identified for primary care as outpatients in a rehabilitation facility, 12 assessed for community-based rehab, five for after-care program while the rest will undergo assessment by the DOH. 
There are 46 drug surrenderees in La Trinidad, who already graduated last year. He said they have listed a total of 274 drug surrenderees in the municipality with some already dead, have transferred their residence, or are in prison due to drug-related cases. – Ofelia C. Empian