July 21, 2024

ON PRODDINGS of some texter-readers and personal friends that I write maybe on current “issues or perceptions” – on the Ibalois, in general, I have decided to try share you some Reflections I have had recently.
TODAY, LET me dwell on the single issue of what some jesters or serious ones – (since it is hardly convincing that schooled and exposed professionals can have this ‘Tendency’ too?)-say that: Ibalois are shy (– plus other circumventing ‘perceptions’). Here we go.
BUT WHY, if or – in case, you find (or see!) them ‘shy’? Is that a sin? Being ‘shy’ and so forth? Is it to you an abhorrent trait – that you [therefore] conclude: ‘Ibalois are shy’? In Logic,
THE PROPOSITION ‘Ibalois are..’ is logically-equivalent to ‘[all Ibalois are..]’ – Yes, check you logical Forms.. So,
YOU MEAN just that: “that they are all shy.. and, “you’re not like them.. and you enjoin others to “beware, of the Ibalois.. they’re shy.. [even maybe an] Ingat sa kanila.. shy sila!”)?
WHAT IN blazes are you afraid or alarmed of: do ‘shy’ people displease you outright? Is it that, for you: there’s no room – for appreciation, or consideration., for ‘shy’ people? Yeah, not even on the matrix level of Leniency or Tolerance? But
BY THE ways, what may be the ‘opposite’ – or vis-à-vis of shy or shyness’ – for the sake of your arguments in-pent or fossilizing? Let’s try secure some.. aha!
ONE – AGGRESSIVE(NESS)! You want the Ibalois (most of them, maybe?) to be ‘aggressive’ like you and others still – who are ‘with Favours bestowed’?
TWO – FRANK? But why do you have to be ‘bru..frank’ always or mostly – if the situation does not call for it? Where will you place ‘decency’ then? You mean, you yourself should never say even the expression: “Modesty aside”? You therefore ‘require’ the Ibalois to pop! frank, and start the words a-shootin’ so?
THREE – UNMINDFUL. Oh, you want the Ibalois to proceed.. and just do what they’re at-mind to.. ignoring the perils and signs or warnings evident in these? So, therefore:
WHAT DO you mean by ‘shy’. Define it succinctly, clearly, and simply. Then, use your own definition – or definitions, to prove-for-resolve, that Ibalois are
‘SHY’.. AND, (or but..) they should not be; because you’re providing – or offering them an alternative. You’re saying: “instead of being ‘shy’, be [what?). your suggested alternatives; now, please? A ver?

REFLECTOR’S INITIAL comment: The Ibalois are a people handsome and beautiful in their shyness – amidst your ire or temper against that ‘trait’ of theirs.
WE LIVE in a Free World, let there be a place for everyone – to enjoy their shyness (or otherwise)! Let there be, we implore! Angsana et ngo!