April 24, 2024

OFTEN, WE wonder: ‘Times are getting harder, more complicated and complexifying, et cetera; how will the succeeding generations fare?
‘WILL THEY suffer more? Will they have to endure longer and harder ups-and-downs, and so on? Or,
THEY’LL MAKE it sooner than we think or imagine.. and even that: they’ll realize or fulfill their goals and tasks respective: unscathed?’
HE WHO believes in this underscores perhaps: the advances being made by Technology; the newer and newest approaches to problem-solving designed by psychologists and behaviourists; the bright forecasts on “this evolving human world” – claimed often by Futurists and contemporary prophets and science entities. But again
THEY WHO believe on the other extreme – though not really what others would assign as: pessimists – know ‘by-heart’ that most inventions or designs get ‘old-fashioned’, in-time; even antiquated.. and eventually, become dysfunctional and are thus further or later – discarded, or forgotten!
MY FORMER Undergrad Philosophy mentor – CRC (true initials, but I got no permission to print his name. With due diligence.. he later replaced the title of “Mr.” to his name with “Atty.”; then, after some time, added the suffix “Ph.D.” and later still, he earned the Prefix of “Judge~”): – he used to tell us in our Higher Philo-classes that: “everything changes; and that: “they all must; [since] “they cannot just remain as they are”.. [and one DA student tries butting in with: ‘and, or, as have always been, sir?’ and CRC nods and again.. that tempered pausing smile of his: =int [he sparks with the momentous desire to nail said student but alas.. good, old CRC once admitted before:] “there are shades of the genius in every person or student; and the magister’s duty is to capture and recognize those rare tinker signs.. so that those do not drop gone and are lost!” So, back to what we were saying:
IF EVERYTHING changes naturally; or unnoticeably, but in-time anyway, is it therefore a useless Endeavour to think of the next, upcoming generations? For example,
BY THE time they’ll be here, most or all of our ‘preparations’ – made, designed, safeguarded, etc., for them: shall have been out-of-date or antiquated –‘no longer useful nor applicable’ – as the ordinary observer would say. An incidence:
AY WEN aya! (“Why, indeed yes!) Expression man and Council of Elders (Co-El) member – Joey Fernandez, exclaimed in one circle of Discussion I had had with some of them. He pursues with:
‘IF NOTHING is permanent, then why should we bother so much for our future generations? They can take care of the challenges appropriately – as they shall see fit! [But Marcial Bohtes, another Co-El member.. thinking already for some duration thereover, cut him with:]
‘NO, JOSELITO, manong ko. That’s the idea-side or ‘concept’ when thought or imagined. What about.. we sometimes say: “but for practical reasons.. we can change the concept or idea itself, di ba (“can’t we?”). [They all fell silent and were looking at me; so, I just concluded]:
‘MAYBE, THE COMING generations can and shall take care of themselves; or, some of them; maybe not. But we don’t have adequate answers yet!” Ayuh!