June 20, 2024

A research team from the St. Louis University (SLU) recommended a tripartite partnership among concerned stakeholders as a sustainable solution for the city’s solid waste management issues and concerns.

 Dr. Gladys Navarro, head of the SLU research team commissioned by the city government to undertake the study, said that among the proposals derived from the study include the privatization of the city’s overall solid waste management system, community-based solid waste management system and complimentary solid waste management system.

 She however said the study found there is willingness among the surveyed participants to pay for the solid waste management services at the barangay level.

 Navarro said 72 percent of the respondents to the survey are professionals, thus their willingness to pay for this kind of service.

 She said 34 percent of the respondents are not paying The P240 annual garbage dues to the city government and that those who are not settling their garbage fees are ordinary residents.

 For businesses, the SLU professor said they are religious in paying their garbage fees because it is a requirement in the processing and renewal of their business permits.

 The city government is hauling its residual waste to the engineered sanitary landfill of Metro Clark Waste Management Corporation based in Capas, Tarlac after the environment department ordered the closure of the Urdaneta City sanitary landfill because of its violation of environmental laws, rules, and regulations.

 Navarro added residents are fully aware of the reduce, reuse, and recycle policy of the city government and that they also understand its benefits in significantly reducing the volume of waste being hauled out of the city.

 On the other hand, she said some of the respondents to the survey also signified their intention to render community service even if they are professionals, which is an indication that people understand their important role in the proper disposal of household waste. 

Results of the study will be submitted to the city government for the crafting of a policy to address the city’s solid waste management problems. – PIO release