July 22, 2024
oznorZERO INJURY TARGET — The Department of Health, Police Regional Office Cordillera, Office of Civil Defense and Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center appeal to Cordillerans to celebrate the holidays by not forgetting to take precautions against the Covid-19 and other viruses and by not risking their lives or limbs with the use of firecrackers in welcoming the New Year. — Hanna Lacsamana

The City Health Services Office is urging residents to report to the office in case they have or know of someone who sustained injuries due to firecrackers.
Dr. Donabel Tubera-Panes of the CHSO said the office has set up a surveillance system on fireworks-related injuries to make sure victims are given proper medical attention.
“We want to make sure if they are in the territorial jurisdiction of Baguio and they got injured due to firecrackers, and for various reasons they don’t want to go to health facilities, make sure you report to us,” Panes said.
She said this is so that health personnel can check on them and provide them medicine, particularly ant-tetanus shots.
The CHSO has provided a fireworks-related injury self report form which may be accessed online through https://bit.ly/3jaccLJ while the code that may be scanned is posted on the official media accounts of the CHSO and Baguio City Public Information Office.
“We like to know where you are. What we want is for you to report injuries so we can check on where you are, we can validate what you posted, then we can give the service where you are,” she said.
But Panes said the stand of the city government is still to discourage use of firecrackers or pyrotechnics to prevent having injuries.
Health officials advocate for residents to support and watch fireworks displays organized in the community manned by pyro-technicians for their safety.
The city government maintains its stand to discourage the use and sale of firecrackers in the city this year and in recent years during Christmas and welcoming the New Year.
As of Dec. 22, the city has zero fireworks and firecracker-related injuries. – Hanna C. Lacsamana