February 23, 2024

DESPITE THE PANDEMIC, our ‘plus’ resiliencies obtain and re-obtain, appear and re-appear; come, stay, linger, and go.. but after sometime, these come and stay.. and to stay, constant?
WE ARE REFERRING TO our: socio-cultural, physical, economic, and most importantly 🙂 political resiliencies.. in coping with ‘besetting’ crises.
SOCIO-CULTURALLY, WE like to go in groups; perform and/or enjoy feasts; and celebrate our special days and/or anniversaries.
THEN CAME THE ‘Protocols’ on: social distancing; face masks and shields; prohibitions.. on the Seniors and oldies to move about – unless necessary and urgent.
FOR SOME TIME – yes, ‘people were kept at-bay.. especially in the cities. But in the Provinces, gatherings and the like resiliently.. were back – with others, later; but with some, sa totoo lang, sooner. And many enforcers as well as policy-makers realised these are “just cultural kasi, that’s why” i.e. remove (-they say) the groupings, the coming together, etc., you are “as if disdaining (-singa moxa pan sommanga) the culture”.
[BUT WE’RE NOT out there to remove nor let-fade culture, are we? In fact, the protocols came out: to safeguard and protect us people – the past, present, and future wielders of culture, aliben sya/baken kad?]. But back to resiliency..
PHYSICAL. THE ‘SCARE’: that the virus is ‘sub-microscopic’ or ‘unseen’; that it stays for hours where it lodges viz. in wood, metal, or fabric; that it is very dangerous – and ‘treacherous’ – once it’s there, it renders you helpless, et cetera – all or mostly true, considering the Statistics on: cases, serious post-complications, and deaths(!). But also there were
[RECOVERIES! MEDIA ELECTRONIC and Correspondencies bear-witnesses to the struggles: to fight the dreaded virus. And then]
THE RISES – EVEN ‘Upsurges’; then, meanwhile meantime the declines; then, the GCQs, MGCQs, and so forth.. we know or have read (or heard) about the rest of the ‘struggles’.
BUT ‘ALONGSIDES’ – OR Kasabay ng mga iyon, came the efforts plus ‘remedies’ to resiliency Physical: the medical people of course, but also the ‘Frontliners’ – some or many, ‘non-medical’, and the unnamed, unheralded men and women gifted with the rare acumen and agility of Volunteerism! Now,
WITH THE COMING of more Protective gears and the vaccines, the Physical resiliency of the citizenry is enhanced.
THE ECONOMIC SIDE of our Pandemic period/history is the hardest hit. What with the paralyses of activities, industries, and business establishments. Even the believers of donation, philanthropy, ‘amelioration’ – or what have you, were in near-brink of losing faith. But
LUCKILY, THE WORLD leaders and economic think-tanks have kept vigilant eyes on the possibilities of recovery – i.e. economically, to the normal ‘scale’. Yet to be seen, or realized – but our hopes are towards that; so, onward to the march for resiliency and economic rehabilitation; then revival – cum reformulations, if needed. Finally, we might as well ponder:
WHAT ABOUT POLITICAL resiliency? That(!) is the least guarded-upon, when: calamities, force majeurs, and the like come. For
AS OBSERVED YET before of the Human specie, seldom do people get short of leaders. Leaders are born, nurtured, even suddenly made or ‘risen’ – to aid, save, and take care of the meek, the downtrodden, the devastated – n’est ce pas? / Saan (met kadi aya)? A pat on everybody’s shoulders – no denying that: we are all of that species – homo, or human. Ain’t we?
COME TO THINK about it: in the Philippines, in the Cordis, in Baguio-Benguet, aren’t we mostly that: ‘Politically-resilient’? Ayuhh ay.