February 23, 2024

The executive order regulating social gatherings and modified liquor ban in the city was extended to Dec. 10.

In EO 177 issued by Mayor Benjamin Magalong last week, private and non-work related gathering done indoors and in closed venues must undergo an inspection by personnel of the City Health Services Office and those in charge must recommend approval from the City Mayor’s Office.

When social gatherings are held in private homes, barangay officials should be given prior notice.

Attendees in said occasions should strictly follow standard and basic health protocols such as frequent handwashing, wearing of face masks and shields, and should practice physical distancing at all times.

The EO provides that social gathering should be kept small and preferably limited to immediate family within the same household.

Those attending the social gathering should not be immune-compromised and have no underlying health conditions.

The EO was also anchored on the statement of Department of the Interior and Local Government Sec. Eduardo Año “that even during the holiday season, the public should not engage in mass gatherings or social events attended by different families within a clan or those belonging to different households.”

On the modified liquor ban, the contact tracing teams found that recently confirmed Covid-19 cases have attended social gatherings and engaged in drinking sprees.

The distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages, distilled spirits and liquor are regulated in retail establishments within Baguio.

Duly inspected and accredited dine-in establishments may allow said products for consumption as long as it is incidental to dining and only during their operating hours.

For beer and wine, a maximum of four individual servings per diner is allowed. For distilled spirits or liquor products, a maximum of two bottles of where the volume of beverage is one liter or less and one bottle where the volume of the beverage is more than one liter.

For beer servings in public other than those inspected or accredited dine-in establishments, liquor consumption is prohibited from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.

For the safety of customers in dine-in places, managers and proprietors should completely monitor their staff and customers for compliance to minimum public health standards and hygiene within their establishments. – Julie G. Fianza