March 5, 2024

A retired United States career diplomat was so impressed by the excellent service rendered by employees of the Bureau of immigration Baguio District Office that he went out of his way to inform the City Mayor’s Office of how commendable the office is.

Retired diplomat Edward Yagi who served in Tokyo, Japan; Cairo, Egypt; Nairobi, Kenya; and Nagoya, Japan said the Baguio immigration office may by far be the best immigration office not only here but also worldwide.

“The Baguio Immigration is the best immigration office I have ever seen and that includes every American embassy and consulate that I have ever worked in. It is just absolutely remarkable,” he said.

He said the office has a good location that is easy to find and the employees are responsive and accommodating.

“Everybody answers their messages and is very responsive to emails.  They are very polite and very nice.  There were no long lines.  I usually just walk in, fill out a piece of paper and get out in five minutes and come back after a couple of days to get my passport,” Yagi said.

He was especially pleased with office employee Theody Pascua who helped him in his transaction.

He said he had been in the office twice in the last six months and “on both times, it was so smooth and so fast I could not believe it.”

“It is just remarkable.  It says a lot about the respect that the Philippines has for its foreign visitors that you made the process that easy,” Yagi said.

The office also offers same-day services for customers who need it, Yagi added. – Aileen P. Refuerzo