June 23, 2024

Baguio Water District consumers residing at the North-northwest part of the city will continue to experience low water pressure, limited, to no water during their water distribution schedules as personnel pick up the phase in repairing damaged pipelines along Sofia de Veyra St., Quezon Hill which were affected by ongoing road rehabilitation projects.

Unscheduled water service interruptions are expected to recur in areas of Quezon Hill and Fairview, following the incessant and untoward damage to the BWD’s main distribution lines early this week.

On the evening of May 17, a 4ӯ main line was initially reported damaged along Sofia de Veyra St. affecting the water supply schedule on said date, followed by another incident on May 18, as four portions of the 6ӯ mainline were again damaged during the road excavation activities.

General Manager Salvador M. Royeca appealed to the affected residents to extend their patience and understanding as the unscheduled interruptions in these identified supply areas are highly challenging but guarantees that BWD is on top of the situation.

“We are distressed with the difficulties caused not only to our operations but more especially to the strain dealt with by our consumers. Despite these untoward damages, rest assured that BWD set out its contingency measures to normalize the water distribution the soonest possible time,” Royeca said.

Around 1,600 active connections are affected due to the ongoing repair, particularly in areas of Middle and Upper Quezon Hill, Victoria Village, parts of Tacay-Quezon Hill, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Road Quezon Hill, Lamug, Ponce St., Upper and Central Fairview, Golden Shower, and Lower Fairview.

The Construction and Maintenance Division has attended to more than 20 pipeline repairs in the area since the implementation of the road rehabilitation project in February.

Despite the coordination with the contractor, pipeline damages continue to recur.

The BWD also noted apart from the unscheduled water service interruptions resulting from damaged pipes, part of the various road improvement projects is also causing water quality problems in some areas due to entry of soil, sediments, and other debris into the pipeline before and during repair, which results in turbid or dirty water supply.

Royeca encouraged the public to directly and immediately report water quality concerns to any of BWD’s 24/7 hotline numbers for appropriate action and monitoring.

BWD consumers who reside within the affected areas are temporarily advised to avail of BWD’s water delivery services if water supply remains limited.

For water deliveries and other water supply concerns, customers may call 442-3218, 442-4929, 0908-865-1504, 0917-679-4929, 0922-840-9765, send a message through Facebook messenger at BWD_Customer Relations; or email [email protected]. – Press release