June 17, 2024

Aside from the interim guidelines on workplace prevention and control of Covid-19 signed by Trade Sec. Ramon Lopez and Labor Sec. Silvestre Bello III, workers and employers will be required to follow total precautionary measures as the country grapples with the containment of the Covid-19 and its variants. Workers and employers in the private sector will be mandated to observe strict health protocols.
Since these human resource policies are required in companies and business establishments, Department of Labor and Employment-Cordillera Director Nathaniel Lacambra has advised HR officers to discuss the policies with their employees, have them read the policies, sign in the routing sheet to confirm they received and read it, and a photocopy of the signed policies should be displayed or posted in the company’s bulletin board.
The DOLE reminds companies and establishments these policies are included in DOLE’s check list whenever they conduct an audit or joint assessment to business establishments.
Many of these policies are actually from the Occupational Health and Safety Center (OSHC) of DOLE. These are part of the implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHS) and some are from the General Labor Standards (GLS).
The intention of these policies is good, many of which are related to safety and creating a safe and health-friendly work environment and to help you comply easily.The DOLE provided a template that HR officers can use as reference in creating for their own establishment or company.
First on the list is the HIV and AIDS workplace policy and program. This policy is in conformity with Republic Act 8504. This is about developing programs like educating your employees about HIV and AIDS and finding ways in preventing it in your workplace.
Second is the TB prevention in the workplace. TB or tuberculosis is treatable and can be controlled by educating your employees about it. This policy also protects TB patients not to be discriminated. You can find out more about the policy in the TB Workplace Policy Program Template.doc.
Third is the alcohol-free workplace program. Alcohol can be a cause of many serious workplace-related hazards and that is why this policy should be included in all workplace (maybe with the exemption for businesses that can legally sell alcoholic beverages). This policy includes the prohibition of selling and consuming alcohol in the workplace or coming in to work under the influence. You may find out more about it in the Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy Program.doc.
Next is the drug-free workplace program. Just like alcohol, drugs can be a huge problem in a workplace and cause many hazards.This policy is in compliance with Article 5 of RA 9165, or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002. It is about educating the employees about the effects of drugs; prohibiting its use, sale, and possession; and prohibition of coming to work under the influence of drugs. It also includes random drug testing of employees. You may refer to the Drug-Free Workplace Policy Program Template.doc to learn more or read the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.
Every HR officer should implement a clear policy for breastfeeding or lactating employees. You may refer to this Breastfeeding Policy Template.doc to learn more.
Next is anti-sexual harassment policy and procedures. This is in relation to RA 7877. It is about protecting your employees, especially the women, against sexual harassment in their workplace not only to co-workers and employers but also from clients, visitors, and other people they need to interact to in order to perform their job. You may refer to the Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy Template.doc to learn more about it.
Related to this is the formation of a Committee on Decorum and Investigation on Sexual Harassment Policy.You may use this Composition of Committee on Decorum and Investigation on Sexual-harassment Policy Template.doc.
It is also mandatory for establishments and companies to form a safety committee composed of a chairperson, secretary, and members. The purpose of this committee is to ensure the implementation of safety procedures and health policies in the company. You may use this Formation of Health and Safety Organization Template.doc and submit to the nearest DOLE office.
In the Cordillera, companies and business establishments can submit their safety committee report at the Technical Services and Support Division, DOLE-CAR regional office and the Baguio-Benguet field office located at DOLE Building, Cabinet Hill, Baguio City; Abra field office at Barangay Calaba, Bangued; Apayao field office, Old LNB Building, Purok Bayanihan Poblacion, Luna; Ifugao field office, GuimbatanBldg.,Dotal St.,Lagawe; Kalinga field office, Capitol Hills, Bulanao Tabuk City; and Mountain Province field office, Red Cross Bldg., Bontoc,.
For more information visit www.car.dole.gov.ph/ www.oshc.dole.gov.ph/ www.dole.gov.ph.