May 24, 2024

The City Health Service Office (CHSO)-Mental Health Unit will soon launch a safe space for different mental health support group discussions on Feb. 20.

CHSO Mental Health Coordinator Ricky Ducas said the soon-to-launch Warming Center will provide a healthy space and psychosocial support among support groups in Baguio City that aims to help them discuss alternative remedies, understand their condition, widen their perspective, learn how to cope, and learn how to manage their mental health illnesses until they are free from medication.

The mental health support groups that will be provided an area within the Warming Center soon are the Depression Support Group, Anxiety Support Group, Bipolar Support Group, Suicide-Bearing Family Support Group, and Alcoholics Anonymous Support Group.

Doctors can recommend patients with mental illnesses to the program. Those who are not diagnosed can get an initial assessment from the health center.

The person’s diagnosis and willingness will be referred to a specialist and in their healing process, they will soon be referred to a specific support group.

Ducas said the program is supported by the Baguio Mental Health Council, Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center, Department of Health, Anxiety and Depression Support Group, and non-government organizations.

He said the program addresses the gap in the community, serves as a benchmark for the mental health organizations to promote an active, compassionate community, and is recognized as a collaborative effort of the people of Baguio City. – Iris Shantel Gutierrez