March 3, 2024

SAGADA, Mountain Province – The local government here has repainted signages that remind the public on the rules they should observe.
Painted in vivid yellow and black, among the signs are reminders on discipline and observance of traffic laws: “Loading and Unloading Zone”, “No Smoking”, “No Spitting of Momma”, “No Littering”, “Always Wear Helmet”, “No Parking”, and “No to Illegal Drugs”.
Traffic enforcers under the mayor’s office spearheaded the painting/repainting of the signages to raise awareness among the locals and tourists on the rules they must comply with.
Traffic enforcer Jaime Dapidap said since the new posts are visible along the main stretch of the road, local and tourists no longer have reasons to violate the town’s ordinances.
“Sometimes when someone is caught violating the ordinance, they often reason out that they are not aware of the ordinance,” Dapidap said.
Traffic aide Jerry A. Fati-ig said the most violated ordinances are those that emphasize on the no helmet, no travel policy and no smoking.
“The project is good. It helps traffic enforcers in reminding the people about ordinances such as no smoking in public places, no littering, no to drugs and other ordinances,” said Brenda Doco, a resident and anchor of Radyo Sagada. – Judy Ann Walcien