July 22, 2024

In Sagada, Mountain Province, drunks who habitually cause trouble in their communities may be sent into half-year banishment.
This is one of the proposed penalties the municipal council wants to impose on individuals who will disrupt peace and order in the town.
The local council has subjected to online public hearing its proposed ordinance that sought to maintain peace and order in the town by discouraging drunkenness that leads to violence and commission of other wrongful acts.
It sought to penalize drunks who commit acts that would disturb, intimidate, cause alarm, terrify residents, or disrupt peace in their communities.
Habitual violators or those who have been penalized for more than three times will be declared as persona non grata and will be ordered to leave the community for six months.
As proposed, drunks who will deliberately and continuously cause public disturbance by shouting or creating noise that annoys or tends to disturb the sleep or any form of gatherings, assemblies, events or other ceremonies will be fined.
It also sought to penalize those who engage in any fight or quarrel and intentionally cause disorder and commit wrongful acts defined under the Revised Penal Code; and those who cause alarm and scandal; verbally intimidate, humiliate, threaten, or scare any person.
Those who use weapon or any instrument to intimidate or threaten a person or group of persons and cause noise using any device or mechanism while under the state of intoxication, initiate noise with the intent to tease or make fun of, and shouting within their property or house will also be fined.
If the violator has committed prohibited acts against their relatives or in-laws, they will have to undergo two days of community service or confinement and barangay community service and will be fined P2,500.
If the offender is an elected or appointed barangay official, government employee, or uniformed personnel, they will be fined P2,500 and will be ordered to render one-day community service.
Those who will continuously violate the ordinance will be ordered to leave the community for six months.
In its Facebook post, the Sagada town council announced it will incorporate the public’s feedback when it refines the proposed ordinance. – Jane B. Cadalig