November 30, 2023

The sale and production of counterfeit products and services in Baguio will soon be penalized.

A proposed ordinance that sought to curtail the sale, rental, transfer, distribution, and/or production of pirated, counterfeit, or fake goods articles, or services in the city will soon be subject to public consultation.

In proposing the ordinance, Councilors Isabelo Cosalan, Jr.; Arthur Allad-iw; and Peter Fianza said the proliferation of fake products and counterfeiting of intellectual property rights does not only cause prejudice and demoralization among legitimate businessmen and establishments that offer genuine goods and services but also discourage foreign investments and undermine the city’s strategy for growth and development that results in unrealized revenues and taxes.

“The sale and offering for sale of illicit or counterfeit products and goods that affect public health and safety exposes consumers to health and safety hazards and deceptive, unfair, and unconscionable sales acts and practices to the detriment of the consumer’s health and safety,” the proposed measure stated.

The ordinance bans the sale and offering of fake or counterfeit products and services and those that do not have certification from the Food and Drug Administration in the case of drugs and food and other substances used in the farms or on the households.

The sale of products that are not registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue in the case of tobacco products and other items that need certification from government agencies such as the Department of Trade and Industry is also prohibited, including the distribution and replication of manufacturing products without the license from the Optical Media Board.

Violators will be imposed a penalty ranging from P3,000 to P5,000 and revocation of licenses. – Jane B. Cadalig