July 21, 2024

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – Public schools in the province have adopted the neighborhood learning sessions called “Adivay Para Iskuyda” to address the concerns of parents  in assisting school children and students cope with the modular learning system.

Department of Education-Benguet Schools Division Acting Superintendent Benilda Daytaca said teachers in communities were mapped out to determine their location for accessibility in assisting the school children and their parents with the new learning system.

The teacher in the community, even if not directly the advisory class teacher, will assist all those within the neighborhood to limit the movement of teachers from one place to another.

Daytaca said there are some setbacks encountered at the initial stages of modular learning, such as skipping instructions and proceeding immediately in responding to the questions. Skipping instructions affected the student outputs.

Among the cases that need interventions include the concern that the modules are treated as assignments and accomplish the tasks during the night.

Some students work during the day and do the tasks in their modules during the night, which is stressful on their part and of the teachers, said Daytaca.

During the sessions, parents, not necessarily the learners, are grouped according to the gadget they have such as laptop, radio, or cell phone. Others hold face-to-face sessions while observing the minimum health standards such as wearing of face mask and social distancing.     

Daytaca said there is a need to reach out to parents because of the inadequate demonstration and explanation on how the modular learning is executed with the aid of the gadgets.

The Adivay Para Iskuyda depends on the agreement of parents. Other teachers go to the learners’ homes based on the plan being followed, she said.

Some parents prefer to have the sessions during weekends, and in such case the services rendered by the teachers are converted as service credit. – Susan C. Aro