March 4, 2024

As the government pushes for the digitalization of its processes, issuance of a “significant portion” of digital national IDs by end of 2023 is being targeted, with authorities assuring data protection of ID holders.

Department of Information and Communications Technology Secretary Ivan John Uy said the agency has been given access to the Philippine Statistics Authority database and is now in the process of evaluating whether the information meets the requirement for the issuance of a digital national ID.

He cited the quality of some photos as an issue, noting in some instances low-resolution cameras were used to capture the biometrics of the national ID applicants.

Uy is hoping the issue will be minimal to prevent additional cost to the government in terms of the need to repeat image capturing but clarified that this problem will not delay the whole process.

All Filipinos are encouraged to apply for the national ID under the Philippine Identification System Act or Republic Act 11055.

Authorities have repeatedly highlighted the need for a national ID to help eliminate the need for Filipinos to present several government-issued IDs in their transactions.

It will also help the government in determining who to enroll in its aid-distribution program.

To date, authorities said there are more than 80 million Filipinos who have applied for national ID. – PNA