May 24, 2024

As a growing adult, there are silent battles that go unnoticed by people around us. I was able to face some on my own, growing as the eldest daughter, granddaughter, and niece, which is being the support system of the family. I help in family problems but sometimes do not ask for help with my own problems. With that, I trained myself to handle everything on my own, to appear strong, someone who can lend a shoulder to the younger ones, without asking for anything in return.
The silent battles are sometimes the things that I experience in my daily life, such as friendships, personal relationships, and others. These kinds of battles are not fought on battlefields, but deep within myself as I grow to be better as an individual.
One of the challenges I face on my own is the high expectations of my family members when it comes to studies and plans in life. They want me to achieve great results and have a plan in my life after I graduate. But deep within, I also want to rest and just be at peace without thinking of the future, living in the present. Struggling to find the way that I should take, while also silently asking for guidance that even as the eldest, I seek to my peers. Sometimes, when I push myself to do everything and fix everything at once, it affects my mental health and how I work through my everyday life.
But amidst the challenges, these silent battles helped me become better as an individual and as part of the society. It helps me to know to have boundaries with myself and not to push the limit, which made me drained and tired. These silent battles are not considered a weakness, but a way to show resilience and endurance in times of difficult times on how I can handle things better to achieve better results.
At the same time, I realized it is not wrong to ask for help. It is not a sign of weakness, but it is a way to show that as a human, we also need other people around us. As it is said, “no man is an island”.
So as we face our silent battles every day, may we remember that everything will pass and things will get better because as humans, the most wonderful thing about us is how we handle things to get through our everyday lives.