November 29, 2022

The newly-enacted law mandating the registration of subscriber identity module (SIM) cards will enhance the capability of law enforcement agencies in dealing with cyber criminals, the Department of the Interior and Local Government said on Oct. 11.

In a statement, DILG Sec. Benhur Abalos Jr. said Republic Act 11934 or the SIM Card Registration Act is a welcome development in fostering accountability at all levels in reducing electronic communication-aided criminal acts that are being widely committed in anonymity.

“This new law will enable the Philippine National Police and other law enforcement agencies to quickly act on complaints and cases involving mobile scams as they will be able to easily track offenders and resolve misconduct involving telecommunication devices,” Abalos said.

Through the law, Abalos said the DILG can better lead attached agencies and local government units to adapt to the demands of the digital world as it aims to fulfill its mandate to promote peace and order and protect the people from criminals in both offline and online space.

“The DILG, its attached agencies, and regional offices commit to supporting this new law’s implementation, keeping in mind the best interest of the Filipino people,” he said.

Marcos thanked the Senate and House of Representatives for coming up with a “long overdue” measure seeking to resolve crimes using SIM cards. Marcos expressed hope his administration would enact more measures that would help ensure security, progress, and prosperity for the nation and people. – PNA