February 23, 2024

The SM Foundation, Inc. (SMFI) has begun the second phase of its college scholarship for school year 2020-2021 through the online exam for 24 candidates at Msgr. Charles Vath Library, Saint Louis University on March 4.
This is the first year that SMFI has conducted the examinations online. The SMFI processed and selected the 24 candidates who applied from Oct. 1 to Dec. 21, 2019 through online application.
After the online examinations, successful candidates will move to the third phase, which is the interview.
A senior high school student vying for an SMFI college scholarship said, “I would be very thankful to have the chance to receive an SM scholarship since this opportunity will definitely help me and my family.”
Among the 24 applicants, more than 50 percent have passed the exams.
Currently, there are 20 scholars under SMFI who are enrolled at the University of the Cordilleras and SLU.
“There are thousands of young men and women who have the capabilities and wish to pursue their college education but it is only a dream for them due to financial difficulties. And SM Foundation helps provide to fulfill their dreams for a brighter tomorrow,” SMFI Executive Director of Education Carmen Linda Atayde said.
“As part of his vision, Henry Sy, Sr. wanted to help one member of an underprivileged family to be able to afford a college education. That way, after graduation the scholar can seek employment and contribute to the household or family budget to help the siblings to go to school. Therefore the cycle can continue until the members of the family can overcome financial handicaps,” she said.
SMFI is expected to announce in April those who passed the college scholarship screening.
The signing for the scholarships will be held simultaneously in SM malls nationwide. – Press release