February 24, 2024

SN Aboitiz Power-Magat (SNAP-Magat) shared the importance of hydropower as a renewable source of energy during its annual host communities’ forum with the theme “Creating a sustainable energy future: The impact of climate change on hydropower and our communities” on Oct. 17 and 18 in Ifugao, Isabela, and Nueva Vizcaya, respectively.

The two-day forum brought together around 200 Ifugaos, Isabelinos, and Nueva Vizcayanos from local governments and indigenous peoples organizations (IPOs).

In his keynote speech, SNAP Group President and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Yu talked about the impact of climate change on hydropower operations.

He highlighted the company’s focus on reducing the impacts of climate change through sustainable practices and equitable solutions to create a better future for its communities.

“We continue to leverage new technology such as improved weather and inflow forecasting to optimize the operations of our hydropower plants. We are also developing other renewable sources such as solar and renewable energy (RE)-complementary technologies like battery energy storage systems,” Yu said.

Ifugao Gov. Jerry Dalipog expressed his support for SNAP during the host community forum in Banaue. In his speech, he stressed how he supports the need to develop more RE resources in their province.

For the past 16 years, the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) and community investment initiatives have supported 601 projects valued at around P337 million. This includes providing educational, health, and livelihood assistance, as well as investing in cultural and heritage protection, infrastructure and environmental initiatives.

In 2022, the company renewed its sustainability commitment by integrating it into core strategies. They also embarked on an avifauna assessment along the Upper Magat watershed to support conservation efforts.

To date, the company has planted 216,800 seedlings covering 195 hectares. These initiatives demonstrate the company’s dedication to renewable energy solutions and proactive measures to protect biodiversity.

Such efforts were supported by Nueva Vizcaya Vice Governor Eufemia Dacayo, who stressed the significance of SNAP as it relates to environmental protection in their province.  

“Addressing the challenges of climate change go hand-in-hand with our commitment to the progress of our communities; I look forward to working together with you to create a sustainable energy future,” Yu said. – Press release