June 17, 2024

HOW OFTEN HAVE I been touched, inspired, fascinated, and especially honoured (!) each time I receive a message from a reader relating to, or in regard to my article he/she had read previous; or, is presently reading.

TODAY LET ME share some examples of those texted, or otherwise, messages. These are randomly picked in the seclusion of my fond and unforgettable memories with our Ethnos readers and retinues. Said one from Amlimay, Buguias:

“I HAVE JUST read your column article entitled ~Nahulni~. Ours at home is ~Nakulni~, just a matter of Spelling. Each time I encounter this likeness of our languages, my blood tingles with deep pride: our ancestors must have spoken the same, one original language!” (Text Message: received from Paul Andres, August 15, 2022). Another one from Tublay:

“AGUI, YOUR DISCUSSION – though brief, about ‘Man as a social being’, has been proven many times in the Past. In fact, whenever one gets lost in the forests, his first impulse is: to return ‘home’ to where he would find fellow human beings – if not his own family members or village mates.” (Text message from tun-od agui Lilia Delmas of Tublay Gate, August 12,2022). Yet another from Tuding, Itogon:

“YOUR DISCUSSION-ANALOGY on ‘the clouds’ truly got a lot of my peers’ attention. How really true that many get ‘caught’, or ‘imprisoned’, by the ‘clouds’ of: influence, ethnic pride, pressures from within and without, etc., which often result in their/our sudden – or eventual, change of choices and decisions!” (Phone conversation with Reynold L. Rhoda, August 18, 2022). And then, this one from Eddet, Kabayan:

“YOU SAID IT and you’re right: those rains really make some people mighty homesick! Maybe one reason is: we don’t have rains – as often as the sunshine? Thank you for your reflective analyses of the Oraen, the rain. (Text Message from Dette Banizal, August 9, 2022). Our next reader from Tinongdan, Itogon.

“YOUR COVERAGES ABOUT ancestors To-to and Sangkoi Dagdagod should be read – and I strongly endorse – these be read, by our younger-generation relatives, for their own sake, and: for their own good too! I was in the Reunion for Ancestor To-to, last April 2, 2022 at Daclan, Bokod; and in the Dagdagod Reunion at Geweng, Tinongdan. How really successful! (Phone Conversation with former Seniors’ President Molderick Bias). Finally, this one reader from Tuvdai, as he terms it:

“YOUR ARTICLE ON Palashan! and Ulay tod man! really touched my modest humour. Yes, as you say, the two Expressions are not the same, though often, we interchange the two as speakers. Why not write a simple grammar book – or booklet, of Nabaloi? Many I’m sure shall benefit from such a task. Nowadays, our ‘native’ languages become ‘mix-mixed’ with other languages – when spoken in actual situations. My humble suggestion lang po! (From texter Isabelo Asiong Jr., the Ituvdai, May 22, 2022). AND SO FORTH, or so on – a lot, lot more texts on our topics. My profound Thanks to your moral support and inspiration. Let me return your gestures by doing, as best and always, my best po. Ayo, Ayo, In