January 31, 2023

The Social Security System has enhanced the online application of Social Security number, which now offers uploading of supporting documents online.
“Instead of visiting our branch offices, members can now upload supporting documents online such as copy of their birth certificate from the Philippine Statistics Authority, marriage contract if married, or baptismal certificate if with children. They don’t have to submit the supporting documents via the drop-box system to make their SS Number application status permanent,” SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Aurora C. Ignacio said.
The complete list of primary and secondary requirements like ID cards and documents can be accessed through this link https://bit.ly/2WKiuvK.  
Ignacio said uploading of basic supporting documents is necessary to obtain a permanent status of their issued SS Number and apply for SSS benefits and privileges.  
The process serves as a double purpose for SS Number application and My.SSS Registration. Upon receiving the email for a successful SS Number online application, the applicant will also receive another email containing the credentials for My.SSS Account, for activation within 30 calendar days. 
The step-by-step guide can be accessed through the following links http://bit.ly/3fkqWsE and http://bitly.ws/g3Am.
To proceed with the SS Number application, access the registration link https://bit.ly/3un5pUm. – Press release