July 23, 2024
One! Singular Sensation! Cast of Stage’s “A Chorus Line”
First half of the interesting lives of the 18 auditionees vying for a job as chorus members. (left to right): Don, Maggie, Mike, Connie, Greg, Cassie, Sheila, Bobby, Bebe, Judy, Richie, Al and Kristine.

Stage – the theatre company was founded by a group of college students of the University of the Cordilleras in 2003, headed by Nicky De Guzman. The choir members were all interested in singing and dancing.

Nicky shared theater music and the group were easily captivated. Their love and passion for performance arts inspired them to do a show.  

“We decided to have a small Broadway concert,” reminisced Nicky.  

“The original cast was formed from friends, then from friends of friends. The founding members were Annie Aquino, Sheila Dianson and Michelle Dakiwas.”

The show’s opening features a show stopping power jazz dance.
A snippet from the great big opening audition number “I Hope I get It”.

Some of the events of the group were: Seasons of Love – a Broadway concert; Jekyll and Hyde –  the musical; Come in from The Cold – a musical;  Inspire – a concert;   Anniversary concert- Broadway on Stools; Encore –  a Broadway concert; and Chances – a virtual Broadway concert.

According to Nicky some of the original members with himself included were Reuben Aslor, Victor Nicolas, Ryan Bestre, Charise Ochave, Jesse Bestre, Yvone Chu, Karlo Ganga, Zaine Grafilo, Aurora Ringor, Shirley Espalana, Braile Galmote, Annie Aquino, Sheila Dianson, Michelle Dakiwas, Kendi Cantuba, and Reggie de Guia.

A lot of them have now settled with their families either here, outside Baguio or abroad. They visit sporadically to conduct workshops, critiquing, directing, or contribute funding.

The Covid-19 pandemic was a challenging time for “live” theater. However, the group continued to hone their talents and skills virtually.

A Chorus Line, a full length musical, will be the first of their  “live” concerts and will be presented on June 17, 2023 at the PFVR gymnasium located at 82 Military Cut-off.  They will have a matinee show from 3 to 5:00 p.m. and a gala show from 6 to 8p.m.

For more information, please contact 0927 244 4190 c/o Nicky, or go their website: https://goo.gl/maps/zHYqWaAp8GTCNbM59.

The cast  for A Chorus line will include Kieronn Saldo, Paula Serafica, Edgar Samonte, Samantha Buma-a, Nicky de Guzman, Ina Baclili, Dunhill Gaviran, DJ Singwey, Edinna de Guzman, Darwin Cantoe, Layla Barrientos, Sam Jae Ignacio, Ash Valenzuela, Jeshian Lawangen, Angelo Espression. Alex Patawaran, and Kirby Esplana with the participation of Kyle Elep, Fadj Buyuccan, Selene Aguilan and Erin Arcala.

A stage Broadway concert entitled “ Seasons of Love.” This was their rendition of ‘Human Heart” from “Once on this Island” presented at the CESPI Hall in 2010.
Some of the original members of Stage Company performing “One Day More” at the Pinetrees of the World for a collaborative concert to address environmental issues: Nicky de Guzman,  Reuben Aslor, Victor Nicolas, Braile Galmote, Ryan Bestre, Charise Ochave, Jesse Bestre, Yvone Chu, Karlo Ganga, Zaine Grafilo, Aurora Ringor, Shirley Espalana, Annie Aquino (original), Sheila Dianson (original), Michelle Dakiwas (original), Kendi Cantuba, and Reggie de Guia.

Membership to the theatre company is open to all interested aspiring actors, senior high students and professionals. Auditions are open to all age groups from 15 years old and above. At the moment they have 26 casts and staff members.

“Broadway shows offer live -person to person entertainment.” It is exciting, fascinating and mind boggling. The expressions and performances of the artists can catapult you to the wonderland of music and performance.

As Nicky says, “it  makes person complete and completely involved.” (photos by Nicky de Guzman and Reggie de Guia)

Stella Maria L. de Guia