April 14, 2024

Indeed, there is truth to the adage that “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” With the price of medicine becoming more prohibitive and the cost of hospitalization rising beyond what is reasonable, it is better to make oneself healthy and avoid being sick than live recklessly and suffer the consequences of ailment. If truly “health is wealth” then, it is best that we must stay healthy.
A psychologist I know claims being healthy is a matter of habit. I agree in every sense of what she said. For, most diseases that afflict us in this generation are borne of unhealthy practices and the erratic choices we make in the way we spend our time. For instance, diabetes is a lifestyle disease. It may be genetic in character but it is aggravated by the food we eat and the sedentary lifestyle that we live. It is the same with heart, lung and kidney conditions.
We are surrounded by tempting foods that are delicious yet bad for our body. There are too many fast-foods catering to our fancy. These foods are colorful, aromatic and presentable. We, therefore, forget that what we are being fed are laced with fat, salt, sugar and other chemicals that delight our eyes and tongue but spike our blood sugar, clog our arteries and build stones in our kidney. It does not help that with the advent of technology, our attention is glued on cellphones, laptops and computers that discourage us to exercise and perspire. No wonder, the incidence of heart attacks and diabetic attacks are unprecedented and are becoming more and more prevalent, even at a young age.
Aside from lifestyle diseases, there, too are ailments that are brought about due to the season, global warming and climate change. We are taught that virus and bacteria are constantly mutating and evolving. There is a stage in their mutation that they can no longer be suppressed by any kind of medication. These pose a threat to our health. We have witnessed the outbreak of the Covid-10. Until now, it remains a threat and although the World Health Organization asserts that the pandemic is contained, the situation and circumstance reveal otherwise.
There are unverified reports being broadcast on the Internet about a new strain of virus affecting China. Film clips showing Chinese families, especially their minor children, at the emergency rooms of hospitals, seeking treatment for some kind of respiratory ailment are circulating. The report warns that this may be the start of another pandemic. While the government of China denies this, already, many countries are taking precautionary measures against this possible outbreak anticipating that only one person can spread the disease. We might as well take heed in these warnings.
In our country, while we are enjoying our freedom against the Covid-19 whereby we are allowed to roam without a facemask, crowd and gather among ourselves, party all the time and meet one another face-to-face, the threat of illness is more real than imaginary. Some doctors I know contend that there is a prevalence of flu. Indeed, many Filipinos are suffering from cold, flu and cough. It is easy to disregard these features yet dangerous to ignore it.
We are advised to wear our mask. It is the cheapest way to prevent the spread of any kind of virus. It is for our protection and the protection of the people around us. We are also asked to wash our hands properly. This, too, is an easy way to stay healthy. Finally, we are told to live a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising a bit. Load your body with vitamin C and avoid crowded places.
Staying healthy is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice. Protecting yourself from sickness is an option, not a condition. Staying healthy is just a matter of discipline. Regardless, stay healthy during this season of joy.