June 20, 2024

City hall officials met with owners, managers, and administrators of buildings and other business establishments located along Mabini Street, Sept. 3, due to the reported clustering of Covid-19 cases in the area these past weeks.
So far, five clusters of Covid-19 cases have been recorded by the Health Service Office in the Mabini area, lawyer Althea Alberto, executive assistant to the mayor said.      
Now that the market and mall schedule imposed by the city has been relaxed, the officers implored business owners and administrators to be strict and pro-active in ensuring that their employees and customers are adhering to the health protocols that are in place to stem Covid-19 infections.
Officials of Barangay Kabayanihan were also told to monitor the area and to repeatedly remind business establishment owners and administrators about the necessity of following health protocols.
Alberto reminded the barangay officials to have a sterner stance against erring business establishments in their area.
They should have these shops temporarily closed, fined, or whatever other penalties called for until the latter obediently adhere to health protocols, she advised.
Earlier, Mayor Benjamin Magalong warned several establishment administrators or owners for failing to institute enough management and control measures to ensure order, health and safety of their clients.
He reminded the management of PNB Session Road, Maharlika and other establishments along Abanao Street, Session Road and Mabini Street especially banks and remittance centers to intensify their crowd control and Covid-19 prevention regulations.
The warning came in the wake of decisions to relax some of the quarantine rules to slowly reopen the city’s economy to visitors and tourists.
The meeting ended with city managers echoing the mayor’s appeal for everybody’s full support and cooperation in the city’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. – Gaby Keith