October 2, 2023

The Department of Trade and Industry is encouraging consumers to patronize businesses promoting sustainability like reduced use of plastic products for packaging.

Consumer Policy and Advocacy Bureau Director Melquiades Marcus Valdez II said consumers must demand for more sustainable alternatives from businesses and government.

“The consumers can re-evaluate their consumption habits to minimize plastic use (and) refuse unnecessary plastic whenever possible,” Valdez said.

“We must reduce plastic waste towards sustainability consumption and production.”

Private sector stakeholders have partnered with DTI in promoting sustainable products and businesses among consumers.

One wellness shop and drug store vowed to reduce the use of plastic in their packaging by 50,000 kilograms of plastic bottles or equivalent to 2.5 million bottles in a year.

The shop said it is the company’s vision to eliminate unnecessary packaging, minimize use of recycled plastic at 20 percent, and promote recyclable and reusable packaging. – PNA