February 25, 2024

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – Tabuk City is starting  the new year with a big bang by winning the ASEAN Clean Tourist City Award.

The award will be conferred at the ASEAN Tourism Standards Awards in Vientiane, Lao Peoples Democratic Republic on Jan. 26.

The ASEAN Clean Tourist City Award is given to cities that pass the assessment criteria on environmental management, cleanliness, waste management, awareness building about environmental protection and sustainability, green spaces, health safety and urban security, and established tourism infrastructure and facilities. These benchmarks aim to improve the quality of tourism in the cities, increase competitiveness, and better conditions for the local population.

Those that get at least 60 percent of the total scores will be named ASEAN Clean Tourist City.

The Department of Tourism led a validation team last October to the following public facilities and tourist areas in Tabuk City: green areas along the road going to Laya, Philippine National Police headquarters, Dilag Sanitary Landfill, Dagupan public market and other commercial centers, Multicab and van terminal, Bulanao Central School public benches, Victory Liner and new market site, Kinwa Etnika, CARAA ground, Capitol Park and Provincial Tourism Office, Laoagan Inn Mini Museum and Resort, Agbannawag health facility and laboratory, Bantay Fruit Farms, and Naneng Heritage Village.

Tabuk City Tourism Officer Arlene Odiem is confident that the award will boost domestic and international tourist arrivals in the city, as certified ASEAN clean tourist cities will be listed in the ASEAN’s official website and promoted at the annual ASEAN Tourism Forum, festivals and related events.

With Tabuk’s achievement, the two cities in the Cordillera are now among the clean tourist cities in the ASEAN region.

Baguio City has thrice won the ASEAN Clean Tourist City award. – Larry Lopez