June 20, 2024

When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a teacher because I know that I can help a lot of children. During those times I also have seen that a teacher is respected. These observations made me believe that teaching helps change lives. I have seen teachers who made a difference in a learner’s life.
When I entered the world of teaching, I am now doubting my views and the positive thoughts about teaching are slowly changing. I am wondering why a lot of learners now disrespect their teachers. Some teachers are even bullied and they cannot defend themselves due to restrictions governing them.
Among the culprits in the declining quality of education include the fact that pupils nowadays are not forced to comply with school requirements, like passing assignments and projects for they know that the teacher will still make a way to pass them. Learners before knew that if they do not do their assignments, there will be consequences – and they have to face it. Today, teachers cannot even impose discipline inside the classroom because they are afraid that they might be complained of committing child abuse. This affects classroom management.
Before, pupils greet their teachers whenever they meet them. If they see their teachers carrying a heavy load, it was automatic for them to help their teachers. Nowadays, learners do not care. They do not even offer an apology if they bumped you or stepped on your foot.
Some colleagues were also accused of committing graft and corruption without enough evidence.
I can say that majority of my colleagues have been spending their own money to buy some of the resources they need in their classroom. They spend most of their time preparing instructional materials than spending time with their families. They miss some of the milestones in their children’s life, proving that “Teachers’ children are the most neglected.”
It is sad that teachers are teaching other children to read, write, and count but are not able to do the same thing to their own kids. They can’t even attend to the important events in their children’s life, because they also need to attend to their duties in school.
It is sad that often, these sacrifices are not acknowledged. Instead, we are told that it is our job and we are paid for it.
Despite these experiences, life must go on for the teacher. To be a teacher, one really needs courage aside from great physical or mental strength. They must continue educating. Cliché as it may sound, teaching is a calling. The future of children lies with the teachers. In the end, it is the joy of a teacher to see their students become successful in life.
I still believe I am encouraged that teaching is indeed the noblest profession.