April 18, 2024

Team Kumpadres has emerged as the overall team champion after collecting 221 Molave points, the highest aggregated score across all divisions during the two-day 113th Baguio Charter Day Golf Tournament held at the Baguio Country Club and Pinewoods Golf & Country Club (PWGCC) on weekend.

In spite being under division B, Team Kumpadres composed of team captain Warren Dagupon, Donald Daganos, Henry Rosito, Winnie Bautista, and Fred Dacyon scored a total of 112 points at BCC and another 109 points at PWGCC to lead all teams in the World Amateur Golf Championship (WAGC)-qualifying tournament.

BAGUIO DAY GOLF CHAMPIONS — Team Kumpadres led by playing captain Warren Lee Dagupon with Donald Daganos, Henry Rosito, Winnie Bautista, and Fred Dacyon as members emerged the overall champion despite being in the division B during the 113th Baguio Day Golf Tournament held in two courses on weekend. The team and individual champions earned slots for the World Amateur Golf Championship event. — JM Mendoza

Individual and team championships earned slots for WAGC event.

Meam Maru composed of Rudy Bautista, Ronel Cejas, Rodel Lara, Rammylde Leon and Lito Bohol emerged as division 1 team champion with 163 points followed by Southgolfers and PGA Tour.

El Amigos aka Heartthrob composed of  Rolando Tolores, Jr.; Rudy Ragagio; Rodante Pangilinan; Lito Estacio; and John Gerald Marasigan was the division 2 champion with 215 points followed by Grumpy Joe, and El Sabado 1.

Team 3M composed of Val Guilando, Raymund Panopio, Jun de Leon, Jojo Nicolas, and Fred Bagbagen topped division C with 164 points followed by Arki Team and Baguio Blue Bloods 3.

LPGA Team composed of Eun Young Seo, Demma Dulnuan, Crizel Tablac, and Maritess Castillo topped the ladies division with 139 points followed by Bloga A and Bloga B.

In the individual events, Oscal Gallo of Grumpy Joe topped division 1 with 64 points followed by Rodel Lara of Meam Maru with 51.

The Division 2 championship trophy went to Rolando Tolores, Jr. of El Amigos with 62 points followed by teammate John Marasigan with 61, and Pol Mayos of BB1 with 56.

The old reliable Mar Bustos of BBB 3 topped Division 3 with 63 points followed by Jun de Leon of Grumpy Joe with 56, and Florante Bambao with 55.

Kumpadres new star Donald Daganos had 61 points to rule Division 4, followed by Boyet Aberin of Grumpy Joe with 56 and John Felix of Arki Team with 47, while Philip Kiat-ong of BBB3 topped Division 5 with 41, followed by Danny Dangatan of Akri team and Roland Dayag of City Sultan of Swing Golf, both with 31.

Eun Young Seo of LPGA is the lone winner in the Ladies Division A with 52 points, while Elisa Abriol topped Division B with 42, followed by JueHee Kim with 36 and Jane Aslor with 35.

In the seniors, Winnie Bautista of Team Kumpadres was also the lone winner in class A with 57 points, while Edwin Ganga had 57 to rule the class B followed by Jojo Nicolas with 54, and Bong Mandapat of Apaches with 51.

Joshua Ribaya of Arki Team topped the seniors’ C with 37, followed by Fred Dacyon and Willy Tacayan of BBB4 with 34 apiece.

Ronel Cejas, who has no registered handicap topped System 36 with 34 points.

The tournament, supported by the city government of Baguio, Baguio Olympics, and WAGC, was well-organized as testified by the participants.

The organizer thanked all the sponsors for supporting the event that aims to promote sports among young athletes in the grassroots level. – Harley F. Palangchao