June 21, 2024

Companies in the textile, leather, and garments industry are called to test and certify their products and processes in line with worldwide standardized guidelines to boost sales and provide stability on their long-term prospects.
We need to communicate our professionalism in the whole production process. We also have certifications, said Jocelyn Diaz, General Manager-Philippines of Testex, an independent Swiss testing and certification organization operating worldwide with a focus on textile testing.
In a webinar, Diaz said the organization offers OEKO-TEX certifications, including Made in Green, a traceability label for textile and leather products made of materials tested for harmful substances; and Standard 100, a globally standardized, independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate, and end products of all processing stages and accessory materials used.
“STeP by OEKO-TEX, on the other hand, stands for sustainable textile and leather production and is a certification system for environmentally and socially responsible production facilities along the supply chain,” she added.
Diaz said that OEKO-TEX enables consumers and companies to make responsible decisions to protect the planet.
“What’s in it for you when you become one of the certified companies? You will become part of the OEKO-TEX or what we call our buying guide where customers get to use as their sourcing platform in getting only certified suppliers. This means they are sure that when a supplier in the database, their products and processes are tested for harmful substances,” she said.
“Generally, customers will not be able to work with you yet unless you can demonstrate your performances and the way to do it is to get your products and processes tested and certified,” she added.
Diaz said the online label check shows validity of the certification, product class, and description of certified articles that allow the customers to verify the article and its use and proof of legitimacy and make an educated purchase choice.
She said that the timeline for the testing process and certification issuance depend on the number of components of materials to be tested.
“Costs also depend on which materials and how many will be tested,” she added. – Press release