June 14, 2024

The past few weeks had us experience an extremely hot weather condition. To this day, it persists and is having us worry on when it will end.
The heat index is going past the limit of the mercury level that it is affecting the way we go on our day-to-day lives.
Classes and work are being suspended, residents are staying more at home than being productive outside and plants, livestock, and pets are becoming ill. Indeed, this is a cause of alarm.
Weather experts attribute the very hot and humid temperature to the so-called El Niño phenomenon. According to the Philippine Atmospheric and Astronomical Services Administration, El Niño is a climate pattern that occurs when the sea surface temperatures over the Central and Eastern Pacific Ocean warm up and affect air and sea currents.
It increases the likelihood of below-normal rainfall conditions, potentially causing dry spells, droughts and other adverse environmental effects.”
The explanation by the Pagasa about the abnormal weather condition is the scientific side of it. There, too, is the superstitious side of it. You know, we Filipinos always find a funny side in any situation.
Hence, according to the manghuhula and manggagamot, the heat wave is being caused by the fires of hell. This generation has become so sinful that judgment is almost upon us.
Gone are the days when thunder and lightning were enough to warn us that men are turning promiscuous, greedy, envious, and destructive. There has to be a more potent way for God to tell us that we are straying from the path of righteousness. Hence, He has to warm the weather to remind us that Satan has opened his doors to welcome those who chose evil over good. Really? Not even a confession of sins will mitigate the El Niño.
Regardless of whether you believe the scientific or superstitious explanation, the fact remains that the intense heat is making all of us nervous, bothered and bewildered, not only for ourselves but for our fellowmen, as well.
Already, 90 percent of all the Philippines is affected by the dry spell. Dams and reservoirs that provide our daily supply of water are diminishing to dangerous levels. Crops are not being reaped because they die even before they are planted. There is drought everywhere and if the trend continues, many people will die or get seriously ill due to the heat wave.
There, however, is a bright light that may alleviate suffering. As per weather reports, the El Niño is about to end. It will only last until the second week of May. Hopefully, this time, this is right.
We have had experienced El Niño in the past. It is a cycle that normally occurs every seven or more years. Nevertheless, this year’s version is the worst.
Whether it is a punishment from God or it is simply a natural event that will come and go, the best way we can do is to do our part to mitigate its effects by saving water, not cutting trees, avoid littering, not burning plastic or just being aware and conscious about the environment.