June 14, 2024

When I was a kid, I was not that fond of reading books because of the amount of words on every page and how thick the books are. I wouldn’t even read a book if not required to during my early elementary years. I enjoy, however, quiz booklets where you can find crossword puzzles, sudoku, and trivia. My love of reading and books changed when I heard a famous title from the famous application before which is Wattpad.
Wattpad is an application where people are free to write stories that might turn into books. When I read the title my classmates are gushing about, I decided to try and read it, which surprisingly I enjoyed. That then continued my love for reading when I already downloaded the Wattpad application on my phone.
My love for reading and books continues to this day. I collect the books I read in my e-book application that I came to love. Books became my escape and a way to connect with my friends who also love reading books.
I read from a forum before that “A book can bring you to a thousand places even if you are just sitting there.” I love this quotation since reading a book really expanded my imagination and made me experience different countries or magical places even if I haven’t gone to it yet.
At the same time, reading a book makes me feel different emotions and live in the moment – as a princess, a baker, a warrior, and many more. Books give us the experience of living different lives.
That is why I believe that a world without books is a dull world, for letters combined together create words to sentences to paragraphs to a whole book that can take us anywhere and make us feel something.
I believe that people who are not fond of reading haven’t found the book that is for them, that they will surely love and treasure, based on my experience when I was kid. If they are able to find that book, it will open doors and experiences for them even if they are just sitting flipping through the pages of the book.