September 23, 2023

BACK IN UNDERGRAD years, we heard – and used-to-hear cited, ‘the Sword of Damocles.. (yes, you did too?).. in World Literature.. and we were at times jolted, because we sort-of felt exposed to the warring, historical exploits of the then supreme rivals – Greece and Rome, taught us in earlier years.
LATER, WE REALIZED: said Sword’s application by our Litt teachers, was mostly m.e.t.a.p.h.o.r.i.c.a.l. And our junior schoolmates listening to our usage of the term in some of our discussions, would exclaim: ‘Ah-ah, we thought you were talking of a literal Sword; symbolik (symbolic) gayam, ah-ah!’ And
ONE OR TWO of my batchmates would say: Nganto mango, pangarig ah! (Lit. “Why yes! it is citing-the-likeness EXPR”).
IN THE USAGE of the Western Mind of the hanging Sword of Damocles, those who are directly ‘under exposure’, shall logically avoid being hit or harmed.. and so shall seek for themselves’ sakes: safety, cover, even avoidance (in the first place, since a hanging sword at-first perception, spells extreme danger). But
IN THE EVENT that the Sword is not real – or else, securedly knotted from where it hangs, would you still try or dare(!), or risk staying (how long?) under its ‘Exposure’?
AND FURTHER, SUPPOSE the Sword is made of: g.o.l.d? AWOT (approved-without thinking), the Ikulos may say: “Why, go for it! A Sword made of gold? That’s rare, that’s precious, and swells the heart! Go for it, yeah!”
STAY AS CLOSE, watch and discern. An aspirer or Seeker you are, consider: it is one special Sword – whether gold-plated, how deeply or artificially.. doesn’t bother you any; or, of pure gold but ‘small’ in size; it is not of the traditional steel sword; nor is it fake; at present
IT IS BEING offered as a prize to anyone worthy to have it or keep it; and it is really there
FOR THE HAVING, but not literally hanging in-abandon for pick-up, nor is it held ready for handing by one or a few curators; nor really etched on a pure, hard rock mass needing the magical or supra-filled hand to draw it out.
HAVING MADE YOURSELF aware of these pre-conditions and forefacts, as an Aspirer, you give yourself some final briefings, to wit:
1) AM I MOTIVATED enough to dash for it? 2) Am I worthy to keep it, and nurture-and preserve it? 3) Do I consider myself as a Stakeholder for its special handling and upkeep? Etcetera?
AND HAVING ANSWERED Yes! to all of these, or most of them, you have fielded yourself as one Aspirer!
BUT LO! AND Behold! The Sword’s stature is neither hanging nor held; its presence is known and told, but its specific location is Indeterminate (the third alternative to Logic’s True or False), and so on.
BUT ANOTHER IKULOS – of more sober and refined stature will say: “wait, how do you know it is gold? a ver? a ver? May be fake, for all we know! News factual now, they can fake; how much more for gold?
“A SWORD MADE-OF gold? Ah-ha, we should counsel ourselves, we learned in Grade I: ‘not all that glitters is gold’, didn’t we?”
BUT SUPPOSE NOW, the Sword now is only ‘gold-plated’ – your kind of gold (or even if: not); but glittering enough to hold you in high spirits.. and
IT IS NOT a sword hanging anymore – over your direct exposure. Rather, it is a grant or prize offered to qualified would-be recipients.. or applicants? Yes, you’ll go for it, you’ll say? Since it’s no longer a hanging one and it is being offered?
“SURE! WHY NOT?” you’ll say? But before you do, it is deemed prudent you ask your Searcher: ‘are there other facteurs or conditions appertaining unsaid, or not mentioned?’ And you realize – as the answers come:
“YES, THERE ARE yet. For example, the Sword supposed is not there hanging by itself; nor is it held by just one or a few individuals who can just release it to anyone who comes along first: in need of it, asking for it, or willing to make use of it.
“RATHER, IT IS one special Sword – that is bound by Rules: for having, for nurturing, for preserving, etc., conditioned upon the Seeker or Aspirer for it!”
SO, WHERE DO you go now? Quo vadis? You cannot just ask anybody with a connexion or faint(?) knowledge of ‘the gold(en-plated) Sword. Lest you get plenty of Indeterminate – non T or False answers that may affect your adrenalin. [By the way, have you ever heard of the Cordi Iluko joker’s clean reply: jack am mo?].
THE ‘SWORD OF Damocles of Antiquity may not be as feared in these times – since it has mostly in-parts, metamorphosized from pure steel to part or pure gold in make, and it is no longer hanging directly over the heads, but hand-held now by one or few entities, and poised somewhat to be offered and/or granted, but: harken!
METALS OF WHATEVER kind nowadays are so valuable that, you can’t find it just beneath that mass of rock or soil, nor over the sides of the mountains.
PRECIOUS AND SOUGHT by others as well, the artifacts that they’re produced to, or allyed in – like the Sword of Damocles (part-literal, symbolic, or metaphorical), could be just mirages, to be treasured best in n.a.t.u.r.a.l. dreams and wishes! If only.. If only.. No laeng koma..