May 28, 2024

Last night, I had this weird dream. It started with a happy family where the happy father told his three happy children that he will grant them a wish with the condition that the first word they utter after one minute will be what they will receive, hence the title: The Parable of the First Word.
When the time’s up, the father told the children to get ready with their wish.
1st child: “Wait! I haven’t made up my mind yet!”
2nd child: “Hahaha! No more wish for you!”
3rd child: “Then you’re just the same as her!”
Suddenly, realization hit the children hard and long all at the same time.
Now, to you, my readers, I will let you make your own conclusion as to how you want to end this story as you wish because I already awakened at this point. In fact, I actually woke up laughing. This may sound a bit corny to some of you, but on deeper thought, those three children reminds me of three different types of people when given the opportunity to choose.
The first child represents the people who are impulsive. Oftentimes, people want to get the best of the best. Because of that, the chances to be able to get the best slip right through their fingers until they only get the left over of others.
The second child represents the people who laugh at other people’s mistakes. Again, people sometimes get carried away at a moment’s pleasure. They forget what the real focus or the goal at hand is which then makes them lose the opportunity given them to be the best.
The third child represents the people who do not learn from the mistakes of others. As such, the opportunity given is again wasted. They are the ones who justify their mistake by saying that: “A wise man learns from his mistakes” disregarding the second part that says: “But a wiser man learns from the mistakes of others.” These are the kind of people that when corrected, find ways to justify their mistakes.
I mentioned earlier that I woke up laughing right? I simply didn’t tell the entire truth. I actually woke up laughing and crying at the same time because I realized that I am the three persona mentioned above. I am kind of embarassed to admit that I really am impulsive, I do laugh at other people’s mistakes (though not all the time) and yes, I (sometimes) do not learn from the mistakes of others.
Hence, that must be the reason why I had this dream. Who knows? I remember that in the Bible, God speaks to His people through their dreams. Thus, I thank God that He made me realize how much I have lost and will surely lose in the future if I do not change the way I am now. — Jeselle Daniel Hamadon