June 20, 2024

WHERE DID I hear that first line of a song which goes: I wanna be free.. And then:
WHERE HAVE I read that first line of a famous speech where the Speaker Orator goes: We need some kind of independence. Folks,
I’M TRYING TO reconcile everybody’s ‘Right’ to freedom and independence. How much amount or quantity or measure of independence and/or freedom one really needs – or is entitled to, etc.., than what he clamours for?
FOR TODAY’S DISCUSSION, let’s just try to venture on three applications – where we, as individuals and/or persons live and move about day-by-day; and those are: in relation to: the state, which governs us; the society, where we are actually in; and other individuals – with rights and privileges endowed them, as we are.
THE INDIVIDUAL AND the State. The individual lives under the Laws of the State; and ideally all of us are protected, our rights ‘guaranteed’ by those aforesaid Laws – without favour, or exception. Ergo, when always possible, we may not ‘attempt’ to clamour for (some) ‘more’?
THE INDIVIDUAL AND the Society he lives in. He lives in that Society. He is therefore expected to be in-harmony, at-peace, and a valuable, integral part of that society. In sum, he lives there for the Society, and not the Society living for him (always, mostly)?
BUT STARKLY, DOES he need the Society ‘at-all’? Again, ideally yes! For man is basically a social being, isn’t he?
IF HE IS poor, he needs others to help him e.g. work for still some others, so he can get paid to feed himself; seek material (or moral) help from others, so he can cope with his hardships; make use of the counsel of those others, how to overcome his usual, daily or perennial woes, et cetera.
IF HE IS rich, you think he can be happy – alone, or with his money and gold beside him? [Well, except of course in Wonderland – or in the Jungle – akin to the Conceptus of a ‘Tarzan’?]. But verily, No.
RICH ONES DO really endeavour to find ways how they’ll use, or spend, or enjoy(?) their money or wealth; so, they need much dependence (rather) on Society. Thus, without Society itself, the rich man/individual could not enjoy – or find happiness by himself alone – or even with daily company of his treasure and wealth.
THE INDIVIDUAL AND other individuals, ‘I need to be set free!’ ‘Leave me alone!’ ‘Don’t perturb my self-confinement!’, etc., are lines we may hear mostly from liberated – or liberating people. But
DO THEY REALLY mean – always, what they say? Yes, look around you – what do you see? Seems everybody needs – or has a need of – someone, right? Why,
WE DON’T SEE people: ‘living on their own alone’; or ‘mostly looking the other way’; or ‘unspeaking or unsmiling to others they meet’; and so on, do we? In fairness,
MAYBE WE CAN notice some; but exceptions are what they always are – rare, incidental, or/and cum deep-rooted reasons and antecedents. So,
FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE, what’s the ‘right amount’ we really need – or can use? They’re there – always available for your taking, aren’t they? Just exercise that simple restraint: ‘let me look first, before I jump! Ayo, ayo, Ino!