June 14, 2024

A popular notion says, “Your shadow leaves you in darkness.”
Do you subscribe to this viewpoint?
When the sun is in front of someone, their shadow forms behind them. However, it reverses when the sun falls behind them. If someone is standing sideways, their shadow forms on one side. If their left side faces the sun, their shadow is on their right, and vice versa. Yet, as darkness sets in, the shadow fades.
Let’s sway from the literal interpretation and view shadow from a different perspective. I reckon the shadow serves as a symbol for someone or something. For instance, it could represent those who contribute to someone’s success. They could act as a catalyst for motivation, inspiration, and empowerment. Shadows can serve as exemplary figures that inspire us through their tales of success, resilience, or even just their personal qualities. They might be our loved ones and companions who offer us unwavering love, have faith in our capabilities, and offer moral backing. They could be leaders and supervisors who offer guidance and empower their team members.
Shadows may also take the form of educators, coaches, or mentors who challenge, guide, and offer constructive feedback to propel individuals toward realizing their full potential.
The sun corresponds to the circumstances. The location of the shadow shifts as the sun changes its position. The sun behind the person signifies moments of uncertainty. The shadow drops forward to lead him and help him seek the right path. The position of the shadow on the man’s sideways, either on his left or right, talks about the person’s endeavor. The shadow accompanied him throughout the journey.
Darkness symbolizes a phase of profound adversity, a state of vulnerability and hardship. Surprisingly, the shadow emerges instantly with a burst of light. It may be hidden, but it never truly departs. In fact, this is when the shadow is at its most vivid state. The shadow may stand low-key and unnoticed but remains present. It is extending its hands subtly and inconspicuously, leaving a significant impact in the end.
On the contrary, the radiant daylight signifies the moment when the individual surmounts obstacles and fulfills their ambitions. It’s a victorious day, where they receive full recognition. Meanwhile, their shadow lags behind, unnoticed until they are entirely forgotten.
In the corporate realm, where ostentation is often equated with success, some shadows opt to remain in the background, keeping a low profile. They never intend to focus the spotlight on themselves. Their grantee’s triumph represents their own success. To me, they are the highly accomplished, the epitome of success.
When was the last time you caught a glimpse of your shadow? Perhaps it’s time to look back! To whom are you indebted?