May 24, 2024

The family name Fongwan has gained a lot of prominence in La Trinidad, in particular, and in Benguet, in general.
The mere mention of it commands awe and respect. Why not? The late Nestor B. Fongwan, Sr. was well-loved and well accepted by his people. He was elected mayor and congressman for multiple terms. He was the leading proponent for the movement to have his beloved municipality attain cityhood. It was his dream to convert La Trinidad into a city. He was toward the right path. Ironically, before his dream could come true, he died.
Yet, just when we thought that his legacy will die with him, the beloved politician left a worthy successor to continue with his advocacy and perpetuate in the name Fongwan as a dedicated public servant.
Enter Marie Rose “Betbet” Fongwan-Kepes, the daughter of Nestor Fongwan, Sr. She is presenting herself as an alternative to the traditional politics that has been mired in her district. She is contending to be elected as a board member for district 2 under the United Benguet arty.
Betbet may not be as illustrious as her famous dad but she has the calling to prove her detractors wrong.
Schooled in Don Bosco for her primary and secondary education, a Political Science graduate with a post-graduate degree in Law at Saint Louis University and having been in public service for over 19 years, she desires to share her vision to help uplift the condition of her district. Her agenda is far from awry. It is, in truth, impressive.
She concentrates her programs of government on the youth, child and family which had been her advocacy ever since. She seeks to establish “a training center that will serve as the training ground for women, children, youth, persons with disabilities and members of the vulnerable and marginalized sectors to hone their skills and knowledge in various aspects of livelihood for them to be self-reliant in providing for the needs of their families.”
Anything that has to do with the improvement of the family, which is the basic institution being protected and promoted by both the church and the state, deserves unrequited support from the people. If Betbet shall be true to the plan she seeks to implement in her district, she will prove herself worthy to the position she seeks. It will be a giant step for her to move out of the shadows of her father and be her own man.
Truly then, she deserves to be given a chance because not like other roses, this rose has no thorn.