May 25, 2024

■  Ofelia C. Empian

Igorot bodybuilder Ortis Tindaan, Jr. has secured his spot in the top five of the Elite Body Pangasinan Bodybuilding Competition held on April 21 at the Urdaneta City Cultural and Sports Center in Pangasinan.

Tindaan placed third in the bantamweight division and fourth in the short physique during the inaugural event gathering 106 athletes from around the Philippines.   

TOP THREE BODYBUILDER — Local bodybuilder Ortis Tindaan, Jr. placed third in the bantam division and fourth place in the short physique during the debut of inaugural Elite Body Pangasinan Bodybuilding Competition held on April 21 in Urdaneta City Cultural and Sports Center, Pangasinan. — Elite Body Pangasinan

“Thankful for all the people who keep on supporting me on every journey I take,” Tindaan said.

The Elite Body Pangasinan is an independent brand and not affiliated with any bodybuilding federation. It is co-presented by F3 Sports Center, The Urdaneta Hub, and GetWheysted Supplements Pangasinan.

In any bodybuilding competition he joins, Tindaan is focused on his diet by tracking his calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrates. He does this by weighing every food he takes in.

“I also do quality workouts focusing on proper executions and proper rest time during workouts,” Tindaan said.

He said achieving eight to 10 hours of sleep is also an important factor for good muscle recovery.

The 25-year-old fitness enthusiast and coach helps clients reach their fitness goals through his online coaching page in various social media accounts called “Sportis Fitness”.

He also shares his bodybuilding journey through social media platforms and personal accounts in Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram where he posts videos of his impressive workouts and forms, sculpted naturally through his background in gymnastics, calisthenics, and judo.

The former judo varsity of the University of the Cordilleras Jaguars offers online coaching to those in need of services such as fat loss, muscle gain, workout program (home or gym workout), meal plan, supplementation guide, chat support, and weekly check-in update.

“Send me a message and let’s work together and make things right to achieve your desired goal,” said Tindaan, who is also a member of the Bardilleranz calisthenics group.