February 24, 2024

This near-sighted Ibaloy writer likens social media to a tool that can either be used for good or for bad.
It can be used to raise people up or tear them down. It can be used to spread disinformation or the unbiased truth based on unvarnished facts. How it is used depends on the user, in other words. Unless, of course, artificial intelligence (AI) gets so advanced to the point that it can already think and act for itself without human intervention which I don’t really know if it’s a good thing or not. Maybe the “Terminator” movies where machines have taken over our world may turn into reality in the future. Who knows? Now that’s a scary thought.
Anyway, in this age of dizzying technological wizardry where almost all information can be obtained via a few taps on a cellphone and speaking or “face timing” a relative or friend who is halfway across the world has become commonplace, it behooves all of us to be res-ponsible in using technology like social media since, like I said, it can be used as a tool for doing great good or great harm.
What’s good about social media though is that it has given a “voice” to the masses where before only an elite few were privileged to have their voices heard in traditional media outlets like print, radio, and television.
At least now, we can all share our thoughts and even trumpet or “recognize” our own ho-nest achievements unlike pre-social media where only the “achievements” of a few, usually the rich, powerful and well-connected, are recognized over and over again.
Same names and faces, year in and year out. We can also use social media to defend ourselves where before we are powerless against those who use traditional media to malign others without proof. Social media has, to a certain extent, transformed society into a more level playing field especially for ordinary folks.
Still, our world has become so “advanced” due to man’s ingenuity, creativity and ambition that we have the capability not only of travelling to outer space but also have the means to destroy our planet many times over with nuclear weapons.
We have invented medicine that can increase our lifespan and also weapons that can shorten it in an instant. That’s progress, I guess. Makes me ponder on the sage advice of Spiderman’s Uncle Ben: “Great power comes with great responsibility”. Amen.
May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and keep us all safe.