June 14, 2024

CARIÑO CLAN REUNION — This year’s Ibaloy Festival paved the way for the reunion of the heirs of the great Ibaloy chieftain Mateo Cariño and his siblings, Savoy, Espiritu, Payat, Sison, and Juan. The heirs of Mateo are Leo Camilo, Crescensio Pacalso, Brandon Tulio, Antoinette Hamada, Judith Pavia, Ben and Leslie de Guzman, Pao Cariño, Ronald Perez, and Linda Grace Cariño. The heirs of Savoy are Terry Fianza, Alpha Fianza, and Sharon Fianza while the heirs of Espiritu are Arthur Bulayo and wife, Esther, and Mary Luis. The heirs of Payat are Isabelo “Popo” Cosalan and Gloria Dirige while the heirs of Sison are Limbert Sison and Jovita Anitap. The heir of Juan is Charlyn Fianza. — Contributed photo

More than 25 clans from Baguio and Benguet were behind the success of this year’s month-long Ibaloy Festival that focused on tracing genealogy while various activities were held at the Ibaloy Heritage Garden at Burnham Park from Oct. 1 to 29. 
It was a showcase of the rich culture and heritage of the Ibaloys during the festival, especially with the younger generation actively participating in the demonstration of the cultural dances and musical instruments; kansyon ni Ivadoy tan ba-diw (Ibaloy songs and chants); kayabang, digao, dangaja, pakkong, pakiling, kuding (a lecture on Ibaloy crafts); tafey tan binuvuran (rice wine making and the use of yeast); and the paasas or the showcase of traditional and contemporary Ibaloy attire. 
Young and old Ibaloys also participated in the retracing of the past in the “brief history of the Ibaloy people” and learned the Ibaloy language in the esel ni Ivadoy activities.
The Ibaloy Heritage Garden has also come alive with the showcase of various talented Ibaloy musicians and guests every afternoon courtesy of the Irisan Eagles, TMG band, Purple Heart band, and Benj Cruz, other local musicians.

RAIN OR SHINE — Ibaloys from all over Baguio and Benguet attended the closing program of the Ibaloy Festival on Oct. 29  despite the rains brought by Typhoon Paeng.
KABAYAN SENIORS — A lot of fun was had during the closing of the month-long Ibaloy Festival with the seniors all the way from Kabayan, Benguet entertaining participants with the Pearly Shells dance.

  The highlight of the event was the tunton or the genealogy tracing, as captured in the event’s theme, “Tunton ni kaafuan: Pansaksahey ni Pamilja (Tracing our ancestry: Uniting the family).”
With the tunton, Onjon ni Ivadoy, Inc. President Edwin Bugnay, Jr. said they will compile all the genealogies of the clans so they can trace where they all intersect, to come out with one genealogy of the Ibaloys. The genealogy tracing will be a continuing effort with the upcoming activities of the Onjon.
Bugnay said the high turnout of participants, especially those from outside Baguio and Benguet, was not expected by the organizers at first.
“We didn’t imagine that the event would be this successful. I initially thought to just start with the festival, hoping many would attend. But it turned out that this is bigger than what we expected,” Bugnay said.
There was a general positive feedback gathered from the Ibaloys from far and wide, where everyone appreciated the reunion and tracing of one’s roots. 
There were 22 clans whom they initially coordinated, hence the 22 booths, but three more clans came on the second week. Towards the closing day, there were clans that visited and expressed their willingness to join the tunton.
The festival was also highlighted by the generosity of the clans who alternately hosted lunch following a ritual to honor their great ancestors.

PASSING THE CULTURE — Young performers from the I-Kuma’shang IP group of Itogon, Benguet led the bendiyan symbolizing the harmony and unity of the Ibaloys.
COWBOY LAND — What makes Baguio City unique from the rest of the country is its penchant for anything cowboy, from boots to hats, as seen during the line dance presentation of one of the Ibaloy clans during the festival.

It was also in this year’s festival that heirs of the siblings the great Ibaloy chieftain Mateo Cariño, who owned vast tracts of land in Baguio, have reunited to share their common good.
Bugnay credited the success of the event with the participation of the various clans, from the preparation to the implementation, and even non-Ibaloys who donated in cash and in kind in support of the event.
This year’s Ibaloy Festival organizers were led by Benjamin Dulnuan and Lynette Grace Carantes-Bibal with secreta-riat members Jhune Cosme, Angelie Pamela Cariño, Vanessa Carantes, Lyka Camdas, April Carantes, Donna Chamos Bayquen, and Charmaine Molintas-Likigan.

RECOGNIZING IBALOYS — Local officials led by City Mayor Benjamin Magalong, Rep. Mark Go, and Councilor Jose Molintas together with former Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, and former Benguet Gov. Crescencio Pacalso graced the closing of the Ibaloy Festival on Oct. 29, and greeted by Judith Pavia, one of the festival organizers.
IBALOY CLANS — The Onjon ni Ivadoy honored with a plaque of recognition the 22 clans that participated during the Ibaloy Festival as well as other clans that showed their tireless support to the success of the festival.

The program committee members were Bahaghari Arceo Carantes, Patricia Chantal Carantes, Darrel Atos Macay, Marie Louise Macay Catanglan, Eva Erot Fermin, and Hilson Busoy while Giovanni Carantes, Kevin Peter Carantes, Keylenz Carantes, and Miguel Quinto were in-charge of the sound system.
The facilitators during the tunton were Victor Cosalan, Victoria Tumbaga, and Mariejo Dulnuan.
The Onjon ni Ivadoy has also thanked all those who donated in cash and in kind, and those who gave their time, talents, and skills to make the festival possible. – Ofelia C. Empian

LET US UNITE — City Councilor Jose Molintas urged his fellow Ibaloys to unite together in choosing an indigenous peoples mandatory representative to the city council that would truly represent not only the original settlers of the city but also other IPs living in the city.